These are a sample of our Pet ID Tags, showing the shapes and colours we offer.
ONLY NZ$9.50 including postage Nationwide!!!

Fantastic service, and fast turnaround

This includes a split ring and double sided engraving where applicable.

Colours available are red, blue, turquoise, gold, black and violet.
Shapes available are round, heart, bones, star, cat face, dog face, silver fern.
( Cat & Dog face recommend one side engrave only but can do both if you wish. Silver Ferns are ONE side engrave only). Order Form at base of this page.

Sizes are:      
  Small (mm) Medium (mm) Large (mm)
Deluxe Bone 22 X 22  -  -
Deluxe Bow Wow 22 X 22  -  -
Deluxe Meow 22 X 22  -  -
Deluxe Paw 22 X 22  - 30 X 30
Deluxe Silver Fern 22 X 22  - 30 X 30
Bones 30 X 20  - 38 X 21
Round 15 X 15 25 X 25 32 X 32
Star 28 X 28  - 38 X 38
Heart 28 X 30 (one size)  -  -
Dog Face 27 X 27 (one size)  -  -
Cat Face 22 X 22 (one size)  -  -
Deluxe Bone,
Small Pink
Deluxe Bow Wow,
Small Black
Deluxe Meow,
Small Blue
Deluxe Paw,
Small Red
Deluxe Paw,
Large Red
Deluxe Silver Fern,
Small Black
Deluxe Silver Fern,
Large Pink
Round, Small Round, Large Heart, Blue
Bone, Small Bone, Large Dog Face, Red
Star, Small Star, Large Cat Face, Blue

Please fill in the Order Form below and send it to us.


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